Purchasing Tips & Options

Financing Options

Palazo Jewellery has installment plans LAYAWAY to offer financing options for your Palazo Jewellery purchase.
Ring Sizing
Planning to surprise her with a ring? Earn extra points by getting it in the right size. One way to do this is to try on one of her rings, and mark where it lands on your finger. You could also borrow one of her rings and bring it into the store. Just make sure it's something she normally wears on her ring finger. Women who are doing a little pre-shopping can stop into one of our stores to find out their exact ring size. You could also try wrapping a piece of dental floss around your ring finger and tying a knot. Slip it into his pocket with a hint card from our store — we think he'll get the message!
For a really accurate ring measurement, use our handy ring sizer. Just print this page, cut out the ring sizer and wrap it around the largest part of her finger in order to achieve a tight fit. Start with the number section and then wrap the printable ring sizer around her finger and see where it overlaps. If her finger falls between sizes, always select the next biggest size. Want to keep it a secret? Use the sizer to measure the inside of one of her rings — as long as it's something she wears on her ring finger. Palazo Jewellery  encourages professional fitting for your final sizing. Skilled jewelry sizing is offered at all Palazo Jewellery locations. This printable ring sizer is presented here for general reference only.


Don't measure cold fingers, because lower temperatures make fingers smaller.
Measure fingers at the end of the day, when they're largest.
Pull the ring sizer tight to get the most accurate reading If your Palazo Jewellery ring does not fit, we will resize it free of charge. Please contact one of our Jewellery outlets or info@palazojewellery.com to coordinate.

Personal Shopper

Special Orders and Custom Jewelry Palazo Jewellery offers expert Personal Shopping Consultants to help you find the perfect gift. Whatever your preference or budget, we can help you customize the perfect engagement ring, locate a specific diamond, or find that one-of-a kind gift. To take advantage of this complimentary service, simply call +971 4 454 2216

View Your Diamond Before It Is Set

If you prefer, you can view your diamond before it is set. Once you purchase and receive your diamond, send it back to us and we will create your custom ring for you.
Cleaning and Servicing Your Ring
We recommend that you have your ring cleaned and polished and that you have the prongs on your diamond ring checked every six months. These services are complimentary at Palazo Jewellery. Please contact one of our Diamond and Jewelry outlets.