About Us

Founded in 2009, Palazo Jewellery has grown to become the fastest retailer of fine jewelry and certified diamonds.

The company is built on a unique idea. Choosing jewelry doesn't have to be complicated. Diamonds can be simple to understand. Making the right choice can be easy. At Palazo you'll find high-quality diamonds certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs. You can create your own jewelry-choose the right diamond and we'll set it in your favorite earring, pendant, or ring design. Every order is shipped free, guaranteed and returnable within 30 days, so you can be sure you made the right decision.

We have produced customer’s choice jewelries from our factory with price effective that no other retailers can offer to their clientele. We come up in UAE with an outlet in Bawadi Mall, the largest mall in Eastern region of United Arab Emirates & within a span of 6 months we opened another outlet in Abu Dhabi Mall In Abu Dhabi,after that we were at Dubai Outlet Mall due to customer high demand for jewellery at wholesale value,after success stories at outlet we moved heart of Dubai City at lamcy plaza. The credit for the success goes to our diverse and unique product line combined with excellent customer service by the talented staff.